Makkum Promo

1-9-2017 door Walther 

Need surf/sail/boating/sup shots? I am a regular at Makkum and use professional photo gear for my commercial work, when I am at Makkum I shoot with this for fun, always on the hunt for the ultimate shot!
Since you are not my customer yet I do not owe you anything but you can enjoy and share what I post on my facebook page for free under these conditions. Please do not hurt my feelings: credit me properly when you share and do not crop (cut off watermark), put insta filters on them or do harm to them in a way I never would.
Need highres pictures without my watermark for personal print? I can provide you with high quality (20-30Mp) jpegs, each one individually postprocessed. This takes time (shooting is only half the work) and will most likely not be finished the same day: I was there for having fun remember? When I need deadlines I'll do commercial work. I hate charging friends (and friends are easily made when you're in the water with a big camera) but I need to pay for my gear, insurance and software as well.
The quality is more than worth it so please contribute to my tip jar so that I can keep doing this.
CU at the beach!


Spotted me in the water? I'm there putting myself and expensive gear in danger for the ultimate shot. The value of my equipment is a multitude of the value of the surfgear you are sailing on. For our mutual safety, please don't come too close unless you have full control (and please let ME judge that).

Need prints?

Don't go for wood or canvas: it's cheap but it kills all the details, forex, dibond, alu are much better. I recommend profotonet for the best results.

Want more?

Please contact me for commercial photography or dedicated individual sessions.